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Our Story

We build tables out of the necessity to center, to gather, to sit down and contemplate, to carry on, every day with a new challenge on a paper, screen or in our hands.
IRON x WOOD has been born out of friendship that values and celebrates the most essential. We have a humble wish it will grow in a bigger community where we can inspire and learn from each other. And we like to believe our tables are a good place to start from.

Meet Jan.

“Some of the nicest moments of my life are intimately attached to the scent of wood. Growing up in the land abundant with forests tucked in the safe cradle of the Alps, has left a permanent mark on my special relationship with nature. My passion for wood and craft was passed on to me already by my grandfather, whose ancestors had lived for centuries in the perfect harmony with the unpredictable nature and its mighty trees. Memories of my childhood take me back under the treetops to those moments spent together in tree houses where we used to indulge in the rustling sounds of the leaves beneath our swinging feet. »Grandad, make me a bow,« I asked him while we wandered in the nearby forest. We sought out a hazel stick and he pulled out his clasp knife, cut the mortises and fixed the string. We used the thinner sticks for the arrows. Growing up, I have eventually taken a white-collar job. I have begun to lose my roots, which are deeply embedded in my relationship with nature.

“I wanted to go out, back into the forest.”

I was attracted by the smell of wood and I have indeed followed my heart. In the small shed, right by my grandad’s house, I built my first workshop and despite the shortage of tools, I enjoyed my work tremendously and up to this day I am still happy to cherish those humble beginnings, which time and again bring smile to my face. I have found my own balance! It is the whisper of the wood, telling me its own story, which is where I have found the true meaning of my life.”

Our vision

We make products with our heart and soul, along with the immense respect for wood, and as such they are the result of comprehensive knowledge and are carved in order to meet the demands of the present while also taking the future into full consideration. Iron x Wood is more than a table. It is a true part of our lives, which encourages us to socialize and develop creativity.

“It is the fruit of our friendship and a story, which we want to weave into a community.”

It encompasses the effort of local people who have for centuries paid big respect to wood and have maintained the craft and knowledge, which transmits from generation to generation. If an oak is an elegant song consisting of a handful of chords, then a walnut could be a lively dance of colors and melodies. We also give a new opportunity to the reclaimed wood, which whispers the stories of the past in the wish that we can bring people together amidst the whirls of present. Within themselves, our products carry a life full of stories, rich in creativity, new beginnings and old friendships.

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