Due to the weight of our products, worldwide shipping, the individual nature of our products, and because we are obsessed over the small details before they leave our warehouse, Ironwood does not accept returns. Customer satisfaction is really important for us, therefore we encourage our customers to get in touch with us via email or phone prior purchase to make sure we have all the custom wishes on paper.

We carry the insurance for all items shipped to you. In case your product got damaged during the transit, please contact us immediately.

HOW DO I ORDER A CUSTOM TABLE?2018-12-13T02:02:04+00:00

Most of the tables are customized in some way by our customers. Customization of any piece is possible, but will normally result in an additional fee applied to the general price. Please make sure you contact us prior order to get a better understanding of the price and production time.

Please contact us if you would like to make any customizations to a listed table. Once you press “order” make sure you contact us with any details we need to know about your customization. If any changes need to be made after payment is processed, the original order may have to be refunded and moved back in the production queue.

HOW CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER?2018-12-13T02:02:34+00:00

Customers have the right to cancel their order in 3 business days after purchase without any extra costs. After the general cancelation period of 3 days, Ironwood allows customers to cancel their order but applies a fifteen percent (15%) cancellation fee. We take the right to refuse cancellations of special custom orders. Once the wood is sourced and production has started there is no cancellation possible.